Sunday, December 21, 2008

Still here...

Yikes, seems like ages since I was here last! I'm still feeling slightly bah humbug,but then again everyone else seems to be feeling that way too this year :( I have vowed to change the way I do things for next Christmas (erm, didn't I say that last year too?!)as I don't enjoy feeling this 'headless chicken-like' all December.In a week or so I am going to write down everything that the girls have done this year ie school plays, parties etc so that I have some idea what they'll be up to next year too!
So...a weeks re-cap.....On Wednesday Anna and I had a belated birthday get together.We went into town and mooched around John Lewis for a good couple of hours (something I very rarely do ,I generally whizz in and out as quick as possible!)and picked up a few bargains and goodies.having spent our pennies (and a couple of pounds) we went to Frankie & Benny's for our now traditional Christmas/birthday pig out! It was so busy in there that the food took a while longer to arrive than usual and we ended up literally shoving the food down to make sure I was in time for my train home! It was delicious as usual though,you can't beat their caramel waffle crunch! Anna went home armed with her pressies (which I was very tempted to keep for myself!) and birthday cake,which I have on good authority went down a treat (Yes,I had a phone call from Izzy telling me how delicious it was!) Which is good as I now have something to trade in for brownies ;)!
On Friday morning I went to the Christmas Carol assembly at Holly's school which was lovely,before both girls finished school early for Christmas:)
Yesterday morning we went for a leisurely stroll round Asda (Yes, it was eerily quiet in there!) and got the last bits of food shopping.In the afternoon Holly had a party and I went to the town for a last minute present...what a waste of nearly two hours!!Today Geoff has been working and Em has been out shopping with a friend whilst I've finally hung the outside lights and Holly has been painting and glittering.I finally got my cards in the post yesterday,cutting it fine I know!I haven't made any at all this year, just haven't felt inclined to at all!
I still have some presents to finish off and haven't even started the wrapping yet :( Still, come Christmas Eve it will all be done ,I know I will get there eventually!


lyzzydee said...

Wow!!!! A different wall!

Sandie said...

You've been given an award :) Check my blog for details....and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family, see you in 2009 :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

love that pic of you and Anna! :) Merry Xmas Sue!

domestic goddess said...

now now Lyzzy dont be so cheeky!!!!, you wait i have a whole 12 months of these photos to share!!
had a wonderful day hun,
huge husg xxxx

Sara said...

Have a lovely christmas and relax! xx