Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Busy doing....

nothing!! Well, except the usual Christmas stuff anyway :) It's been ages since I blogged ,I purposely stayed well away from the PC for a few days over Christmas and haven't really got back into being on it much!

So, our Christmas consisted of lots of this,

and lots of this!!

The girls were very happy with all their presents ,though as they get older the presents seem to get smaller (size wise anyway!) and the piles look much smaller!Holly finally went back to sleep sometime after 2am on Christmas Eve so we were in no hurry to get up on Christmas Day!

I was very lucky and got a gorgeous cake stand from Anna as well as lots more Momiji's.My fave present though is a tiny Guardian Angel that Geoff got for me, will take a photo and share soon!

Since Christmas we have been chilling out,done a little bit of shopping and generally been lazy! I've become a Mario Cart addict,but let's face it,once we are back in our normal routine I probably won't go on it for ages!

Geoff was back in work today so this afternoon I took the girls for a walk at the lakes to get some fresh air.We took with us a lump of bread which should have been a loaf but I forgot to add the yeast -doh!!It was absolutely freezing but the girls loved feeding the swans (not so much the seagulls though!) A lot of the lake was still frozen over and when we walked further round,there was a swan actually trapped with one of its legs frozen in the ice :( I rang the RSPCA as soon as we got home so hopefully they will have been down there to rescue it.The girls want to go back there tomorrow to make sure it's been rescued so that's our afternoon sorted !

Tomorrow night we are off to Anna & Peter's New Years Eve party...the first time we've been out at New Year since having the kids! It's fancy dress and Geoff is still trying to choose between his three ideas,whilst me...well that would be telling wouldn't it?!

I hope you have a wonderful New Year!


domestic goddess said...

ooo you are a tease!!!!
cannot wait to see you hun, and i too have sooo many photos of the girls and their DS's, LOL
hugs to you all and Happy New Year to the girls xoxooxo

~Sasha Farina~ said...

smaller in size doesn't really mean smaller price-wise eh? LOL.. Happy New Year Sue!

Sara said...

I am looking foward to seeing lot's of photos from this party! xx

lyzzydee said...

Happy New Year to you all!!!