Saturday, November 29, 2008

Whizzing through...

This is one of those manic weekends (aren't they all in the run up to Christmas?!) when I seem to be doing a great impression of a headless chicken!
This morning we had Holly's birthday party here for five of her friends.She opted for a craft party and they all went away with decorated, bags, photo frames,christmas baubles,notebooks and foam hristmas trees :) And although the house has a sprinkling of glitter throughout, I can honestly say it was the easiest party we've ever done! No snatching of the pass the parcel, no sulking because they didn't win musucal statues and no getting bored!
After lunch we went and did the dreaded Tesco/Asda food shop and once home I whizzed off to the town to get the last few bits for tomorrow and pop a little something in the post to Anna .Whilst it was freezing cold, it felt so Christmassy!
This evening has been spent watching the X Factor (sorry, but Ruth was robbed :( ),making a birthday cake and wrapping presents :)
Tomorrow we are off bright and early to Milton keynes to see the Christmas displays, visit Father Christmas and go on the train ride :) Might even have time to squeeze in a little shopping too ;)!And then it's back home for birthday and cake and presents for Holly :)


domestic goddess said...

ruth was definitley robbed!!
Glad teh aprty went well, ahve a wodnerful time tomorrow morning, say hi to santa for me and let him know we will be there in a few weeks:), but more importantly, wish Holly a wonderful day
huge hugs to you all

lyzzydee said...

We took some of Beths nbew friends to lunch ion Hatfield that was nice and easy as well!!
I went to town this afternoon and it was heaving, I had to park on the 7th floor for gods sake!!