Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm sitting down

..and taking a break for a couple of hours! It feels like I have hardly been home all week,I still have loads to do but right now...I don't feel like doing any of it!
Holly has had her school show the last two nights and is shattered, poor thing! She was such a little star the first night when we went to see the show,but was definately past her best last night.The late nights are a bit too much for her and she was in tears during the finale last night,I'm so glad I didn't see that :( They were allowed to go in late this morning so I took full advantage and left her in bed until she woke up herself (I had to shake her awake yesterday morning!)Tomorrow the whole school are off to see a pantomime and then she has a party at Brownies in the evening.Oh to have the social life of an 8 year old!
The last few days and evenings seem to have been spent running to and fro between work, home, school and the shops! And I am really missing not having a Post office rond the corner from me this Christmas :(
Tomorrow afternoon I am off to meet a friend before the onslaught of another busy weekend! Em is off for a sleepover on Saturday night so no doubt Holly will be sad and lonely without her here! I also need to wrap up presents for a certain birthday girl I'm seeing on Monday :)
Right, I am off to write some more lists before I forget anything else I need to do!


domestic goddess said...

hehehe, i wonder who that could be. cannot wiat to see you monday

lyzzydee said...

Its a real bugger about the post office, I used to pop in there all the time, easy to park and quick (usually) I feel so sorry for the poor shop keeper!