Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It's been so cold here today! Shouldn't complain though as at least it's been dry and bright :)

Not much done today as I had to hang around for the bloke to come out and service the boiler this afternoon.I asked for him to visit between 12 and 3...yep, he got here at 10 to 3 ! But at least it's done and everything is working fine :) Whilst waiting around i sorted out the photos for the calendars as my photos arrived from photobox this morning....or some of them did,25 of them have been sent seperately...what was the point of that?! I am planning to start them next week once we have holly's birhday at the weekend out of the way.

Here's my tree that I finally got finished,inspired by Jen Hall's gorgeous one.(Scroll to the bottom of the post)It still needs some ribbon sticking back on (as it's fallen off since I shoved it in my wardrobe in January!) This one has been covered with love Elsie Noel papers,whilst the other two will be a mix of love Elsie and the new KI memories papers.This evening I have cut and arranged all the squares for the other two,just need to stick them down and number them :) If anyone has one of these left from last year that they don't want,I would love to do another one !

Tomorrow I need to rummage through my stash to find supplies for Holly's party on Saturday.She is having 5 friends round for a crafting party,I've ordered a few bits from Baker Ross for them as well as having a few other ideas using stuff I already have here.

Right,off to glue squares!!


domestic goddess said...

love it!!! I need need to send you some surprises to pop in it :):)
husg xxx

Sandie said...

Oh that is gorgeous Sue, I've never seen one before!