Saturday, November 01, 2008

Something's missing round here...

and it's strange without her :( As expected,there tears when we left Holly at the place where they are staying for Pack Holiday :( Her brownie leader was amazing though and rang us within 5 minutes of us leaving to let us know she had perked up and was fine.She then rang me twice during the evening with two updates as to how she was.She got very panicky at bedtime but they calmed her down and she was fine.I cannot thank her leader enough for being so amazingly patient with her.By this morning I just wanted her back home! But we have had no phone calls today so I'm guessing she has been having a whale of a time!I know she would have been more upset to have come home and miss out on the party tonight!We are expecting to collect one very tired Brownie tomorrow afternoon!

Last night we had a massive two Trrick or Treaters which suited us just fine!Em wasn't bothered about going out but we did pop round to see a friends new black labrador puppy...who was fast asleep and absolutely gorgeous :)I managed to do my pumpkin quickly ,in between baking biscuits and packing Holly's bag!
Today we took Em to Milton Keynes as she had some birthday money burning a hole in her pocket and as Holly doesn't particularly enjoy shopping,it was a good day to go!The shops were full of tempting Christmas stuff!I managed to get myself and Anna a mega bargain (sorry hun, you'll have to wait for your birthday!)and got a few bits & pieces for Holly's birthday.
Tonight we are ordering a pizza and watching X Factor and a girly film (Sorry Geoff!)
And tomorrow...we are counting down the minutes till pick up time!

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domestic goddess said...

you are such a tease!!!
And why you are so good at pumpkin carving!!