Friday, November 21, 2008

And now she's back again!!

Whoops, I really did mean to blog at sometime whilst she was away, but hey, that's life!
Anyway,needless to say I have a pile of washing to do (though I have decided against trying to save the socks,they've gone straight in the bin!!).It seems like she's had a good time even if she is completely shattered and went of like a light when she went to bed!
Today Anna came over and we have been doing what we do best - shopping!!I managed to get the odds and ends that needed to be got for Holly's birthday as well as a snuggly deep pink fleece/throw for the kids to argue over in the living room! Holly always wraps herself up in the Ikea one we have so now they'll have on each..if I don't get to it first! We hit Asda where we found some fab bargains and gorgeous clothes (for the girls, not us!) before rounding the day off with a trip to Hobbycraft :) We had to wait for our hot chocolate though as the machine in Costa's was broken when we first went there,it was worth the wait though :) Plans have already been made for our next trip out in December !
This weekend we will be taking it easy as Em catches up on her sleep :) Although we were forcast heavy now for Sunday it's now saying just rain - shame :(
No photos to share as I haven't taken any!

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Sara said...

Sounds like a fun but packed day with Anna xx