Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Is it April?!

because it certainly feels like it with all this flippin' rain!

Today Anna and the girls came over,sadly due to the rubbish weather we were confined to the indoors all day :( Despite a few tears (from Holly!) things worked out okay and we were treated to a fashion show and a Hannah Montana dance off!Fingers crossed next time the sun will shine!

This is the quick layout I did on Sunday,using a very old sheet of KI memories paper that I found when I was trying to sort some of my stuff out!I think I need to do more layouts like this,just to make a dent in my piles of paper and flowers!

Not much else to reprt I'm afraid! We are hoping to do a trip to a farm park on Thursday if the weather holds, so maybe my camera will get a bit of use then!


domestic goddess said...

thank you for having us, it is always so good to see you all

~Sasha Farina~ said...

love the huge flower!!

Sara said...

Love the browns and pinks x

ania said...

Oooh gorgeous layout sue!! Love esp the colorcombo :)

jakey said...

I'm with you on the scrap your stash stuff.. not so much to make a dent - purely because I'm brassic! Lol!

See you don't need new things to make gorgeous layouts... just look at yours

jk x