Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby love...

As I mentioned in a post last week,whilst we were away the girls became acquainted with Baby,their cousins little dog.Neither girls are big dog lovers..this stems manily from when they were younger and dogs bounded up to them in parks and when we were out for pcnics etc.Em has got a lot better recently but Holly is still not keen! So these photos represent a major break through :) Baby is fairly quiet and doesn't yap or bark much (unless he hears a noise like a hairdryer!) which I think went part of the way to calming their fears a bit.

Today we have been out to get the last few school bits & pieces.I also got a couple of storage baskets for when I finally sort out my stash in my cupboards (definately a 'once the kids are back at school' job!) I had hoped to stock up on nice jumpers from Primark too but sadly the Stevenage store is not a patch on the Liverpool one and they didn't have the ones I wanted :( Influenced by Jakey I went off in search of Sharpies in Woolies... the question now is...what do I do with them?!


domestic goddess said...

OMGG i cannot believe i am seeing a dog and your girls in teh same photo! but what a cutie.
Defestated that stevenage has no jumpers for me :(

jakey said...

Re sharpies..... erm... put them in a nice little pot with flowers round it.. and ah... look at them now and again...???

jk xxxxx