Friday, August 29, 2008


So our neighbours have gone away,leaving their oldest son at home...who has had a party this evening.It's now 2am and I am sick of the sound of them stomping up and down the stairs (they have a loft conversion and the stairs are next to our bedroom),not to mention knackered! I seem to have been awake at this time three out of the last four nights...I desperately need some beauty sleep!I am hoping that my sleeping pattern will return to normal next week once we return to the normal routine.That's about the only thing I am looking forward to though...despite the pants weather, I've enjoyed having the kids at home!
I am off to stick my head under the pillow and try and get some sleep!


Sara said...

OMG, what a nightmare, you know how to get them back - make the children run around the garden screaming all morning whilst they are trying to sleep off their hangovers!

lyzzydee said...

I would also say make much noise early in the morning for the next few mornings, if you're up, they will be up!!
Bloody nuisance!!