Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Checking in...

..from wet Widnes! We are up visiting Geoff's mum & dad for a couple of days and the rain seems to have followed us here :(
Feeling a bit sore today having managed to fall down the stairs at 4.30 this morning!No, I was neither drunk or asleep,not quite sure what happened but I fell the whole way down on my bum and now have a fetching purple bruise coupled with a huge scrape on my elbow -ouch! I was on my way downstairs to get Holly a drink as she was awake at some unearthly hour!
This evening the girls have gone for a sleepover at their auntie's,just a shame we are both too knackered to go out and make the most of it! The girls have fallen in love with my neice's little dog which their antie is looking after at the moment.They are not dog lovers at all but have been won over by Baby, a little yorkie who is almost blind ,bless him! Though apparently they were a little concerned that he might sneak in to their rooms and lick their faces in the morning!
Tomorrow we were planning on going to see the red squirrels in Formby but as the weather is looking dire (yet again!) those plans may have to be cancelled.


Sara said...

Ouch, hope that get's better soon.

jakey said...

Owie!!!!!!! Poor you! If you'd fallen down drunk you probably wouldn't have hurt yourself at all lol! Enjoy the rest of your trip... whoops! not trip.. erm... holiday!

jk :-D