Friday, August 15, 2008

Still here!

I seem to be getting a bit confused and losing days at the moment! Yesterday I was convinced it was Friday...!!(It's actually Friday now as I'm writing this but it will probably be very early AM Sat by the the time I finish it)

So, today was a very rare day with no rain,so I got the boring stuff like cutting the garden hedges and cutting the grass done.the girls had (rather severe!) hair cuts first thing before we headed over to stevenage as Em had an urge to buy herself a Hannah Montana pencil case! I came home with 2 new pairs of jeans - now I'm not really short so why is it so bloomin' difficult to buy jeans that aren't about two inches too long and drag in all the pudddles?! I also found a gorgeous jumper which my mum has bought me 'in advance' of September :) I love this time of year when the shops start to get their winter woolies in.Although I love the summer(when the sun actually shines!) ,I hate having my wobbly bits on display and am much happier snuggled up in a baggy jumper or cardy!

Holly had a friend round this afternoon cue much playing on the Wii and bouncing on the trampoline!

Scrapping wise, my mojo seems to have walked off, or maybe it got washed away in the rain?! I seeem to have taken so few photos this summer I don't know what to use!my Pencil Lines layout for next week is all done (we have some fab sponsership!) but I am still struggling with this weeks and may have to admit defeat :(

And finally, a picture of the rainbow,although this is one from yesterday ,not Tuesday!Love this one as you can see the 'reflection' too :)


iatan said...

Wow such a nice rainbow!

Sara said...

The mojo will return soon! I have just got mine back today after what seems like months of no lo's!

domestic goddess said...

love the rainbow photo!