Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sun filled two days :)

So I'm guessing summer has come early again this year?!
Yetsreday our road had a street party to celebrate the planting of new trees.The sun shone,the kids had a fab day playing out and they helped plant the trees too :)The road was closed off to traffic and taken over by kids on scooters, a game of volleyball, name it, it was out there! Holly did her own take on grafiti...writing 'I love Mummy,I love Daddy, I love Emma' on the pavement...finished off with 'I love everyone' wriiten on our doorstep!!I have loads of photos but can't upload them whilst on the laptop :(
Today the girls and I went to Whipsnade Zoo with my Mum & Dad.Yet more sunshine and by the end of the day a very sleepy Holly! I love going there, it has so many memories from when I was a child and went there with my Mum & Dad and sister (back in the days when we wore identical outfits!)Lots more photos taken...I am going to bore you rigid once we are back to 'PC normal' !!
Tomorrow will be spent tidying,ironing and cleaning in preperation for a visit from the Bowkis clan on Friday :) I am predicting a fair bit of dancing, laughter ,High School Musical and Hairspray will prevail amongst the kids!! And if Anna remembers her memory'll be a miracle!!


domestic goddess said...

you cheeky mare!!!! cant wait to see you all tomorrow
hugs xxx

lyzzydee said...

I see Sue you are getting the hang of it, I am such a good teacher that it is rubbing off on you!!!