Saturday, February 02, 2008

Still here!

Haven't been snowed in or blown away...I just kind of forgot to blog! Not that much interesting has been going on anyway!

Yesterday was one of those days the mums at school dread...dressing up ,this time for National Reading Day.The kids were given guidelines that they should dress as characters from traditional fairy tales ,nursey rhymes,myths & legends or stories passsed down by generations...hmm, since when Spiderman became any those I really don't know ,but there were plenty there! Em's was a last minute choice after I deemed most her of her ideas as pretty unsuitable for the weather at this time of year! She settled on the witch from Sleeping Beauty...and dressed in black! Holly was slightly easier after a friend lent her a red cape and she went as Little Red Riding Hood,complete with basket of plastic cakes. Apparently they have to dress up again in about a month for World Book Day...I guess I'd better start thinking up ideas now :) Holly likes the idea of I'll be on the look out for Lola style pinafores!

Today we went for walk over to the library followed by a visit to Costa Coffee for hot chocolate :) The weather has been lovely, bright and crisp but with no sign of snow...:( Whilst the girls ate lunch I finished off my Pencil Lines layout for tomorrow .I wasn't sure about it when I started it last night but it's grown on me now it's finished :) I'll leave you with a little peak (mainly because I have nothing else to show you!)


lyzzydee said...

Beautiful outfit, very inspired, we didn't do the book day dress up this year phew!!

lyzzydee said...

Me again!!
I have tagged you on my blog, please go take a look!!!

Sandie said...

I'm glad my boys are too old for the book day, i used to dread it every year LOL. Love the sneak peek!

Life is Life said...


domestic goddess said...

we dont do book day either :(
Holly looks adorable.

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

she looks FAB!!!!
your pl layout is gorgeous and LOVE LOVE LOVE the mini Minnie layout!!!