Wednesday, February 06, 2008

One I prepared earlier...

It's been a lovely sunny day here for the most part, there were no 'urgent' jobs to be done around the I got my stash out ,spread it all over the floor and eventually made this layout.Now if your thinking it looks a bit're probably right!The good thing about having a scrapping friend is that you get to share Anna has half of my brown Queen & Co felt and I have half of her Maya Road felt birdies!So excuse us if you see the same stash appearing on our layouts!
I know I said I would do my tags ,but it will have to wait again as I've spent too long gabbing on MSN and I need to go to bed!


domestic goddess said...

LOL at the gabbing!!
I absolutley adore this layout for so many reasons, i love the felt, i love the birdie, i absolutley adore the BG Mellow and lastly but no means least, i thing the subject is pretty darn cute too!!!

lyzzydee said...

I like this layout, very pretty!!