Monday, February 18, 2008

New Momiji :)

Forgot to say that I got a new Momiji doll from Geoff for Valentine's she is! And if you see them going for a bomb on ebay,don't be tempted...go to your local John Lewis instead,they sell them there :) I cannot believe that a Momiji Snowglobe has just sold for ,wait for it...£65 on ebay!! I'm keeping hold of mine!

Good news on the Pc front :) Peter dropped off Anna's spare one today and Geoff has managed to put our hard drive in it and everything is still there .Everything has now been transferred safely over to the external hard drive.I just need to spend tomorrow checking my old emails for anything I might need and getting stuff like my MSN ID written down! I might also put a load of photos on a disc so that I can get some printed for scrapping as I'm cropping this weekend and if I don't go organised I will get nothing done!


Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

love the's gorgeous!!
your 'live traffic report" is covering the rest of your can't read it.
it's been like that for least when i look at it just me???

lyzzydee said...

Annie, Its just you I can see it!!!
Sue nice little Momji doll ;)
I must rush out and get myself one or two!!!!
See you tomorrow, how has this week been? Mine has been a disaster what with two birthdays and the cake to go with it!!! said...
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