Thursday, February 21, 2008


I didn't realise it was that long since I'd blogged..but I do have an excuse,I am struck down by the lurgy.My nose and head have been totally bunged up for two days now:( I think I got about two hours sleep last night...and although I am shattered here I am wide awake at almost 1am .I think this is mainly due to nthe fact that as well as the cold I have now have the dreaded conjunctivitis...great :( So tomorrow I will keeping my distance from everyone and making a Dr's appt for the morning .Depending on how quickly it clears up I'm guessing this could also mess up my weekend plans of cropping and staying over at Anna's - pooh :(

Today I have literally done just what had to be done and then flopped on the sofa with a bar of Galaxy hazelnut (just a small one!) and a girly chick flick for company.I love this film, more each time I watch it :)
I am off to see if I can cram in a few hours sleep....


Sandie said...

Hope you feel better soon Sue x

domestic goddess said...

awww hun , hope you feel better soon, oh hang on, you are sitting right next to me, and you look knackered hun
sleep well in the tango spank room tonight
hugs xxx