Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year :)

To be honest,I don't get that excited about New Year and this year was no different! I just about managed to stay awake until midnight...!!

Thought I would share this photo of our home made Mickey Mouse bauble :) Last year some time we were in Hobby Craft and spotted some polystyrene balls.This prompted me to have the idea that we could make our own Mickey bauble, seeing as we didn't buy one when we went to Florida. The idea was to cover them is glue and then sprinkle them with black glitter.The first attempt was a bit a bit of a disaster, as the weight of the glue caused it all to slide off and there were lots of bald patches! However , after a patch up attempt using less glue,it turned out pretty well :) The ears were pushed on to cocktail sticks which were then pushed into the head and secured witha bit of superglue :) We're quite pleased with it:) Might even make a snowy version with all the snowballs we got from the John Lewis Christmas window displays!
I haven't really made any resolutions for this year.Having lost almost three stone last year I would like to keep it off,other than that I am hoping to start scrapping a bit more and take more photos.I think my camera has been a bit neglected recently and at times my photos seem to be getting worse rather than better!

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Jolene Pienaar said...

Happy New YEar! :)