Friday, December 30, 2011

December round up!

Well,2011 and is nearly over so I will do a quick round up of what happened this month :)

Holly had a her last school Christmas show,her year did a version of A Christmas Carol (quite how they managed to incorporate Thriller I'm still not sure!) Whilst part of me felt very sad that it was her last one (I had to look away from watching her in the final song as I was sure she was about to cry!)I will not miss the ridiculously early queing up to get a decent seat !The last day of term saw her last Christmas carol service at which she did a reading which was lovely (and yes, I got there early enough for a front row seat for that!) We also went to the Christingle Service again on Christmas Eve.

Em and I enjoyed an impromptu trip to see the local panto thanks to a very kind friend and had a lovely evening :) I haven't been to a panto in years and Em hasn't been since leaving junior school (hence why I took her instead of Holly) so we really enjoyed ourselves :)

This year the Coca Cola Christmas Trucks have been on a tour of the UK.The nearest stop to us was Asda in Watford (yes, very magical!) Now I really wasn't expecting it to be a lovely as it had looked on other people's blogs as it was only there in the morning so we wouldn't see the lights on it. But Asda is really not the best place to see it ! The truck was parked up right outside the store so it was almost impossible to get any photos without the Wal Mart/Asda sign or a row of shopping trolleys in :( They were also running very late setting up, we left there at about 11.30 and the photographer was almost set up to start taking pics - they were supposed to be there from 9am 1pm !

I've missed having any snow before Christmas this year, which is maybe why my Christmas spirit seemed to a bit lacking? The girls loved all their presents though which is always the main thing we look forward to :) Most popular presents for Holly were her chef's hat, and some M&S panda pj's which came with a panda eye mask which she wears every night! Mum & dad came round for Christmas lunch and as is tradition, we all went to theirs on Boxing day :)

This week I have done a fair bit of tidying up and clearing out,still lots to do though!

Over the past few months I have finally managed to grow my nails back (yes, I am a biter and work doesn't help either :( ) and have re-acquainted myself with my lovely OPI nail polishes :) I got lots of lovely new ones for Christmas as well :) Only problem is I have become slightly addicted to looking up colour swatches on the net !I wish I'd done that years ago as I have lots of similar ones which I probably wouldn't have bought if I'd known how close they were to ones I already had !

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