Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ebay buy :)

This weekend just gone I won something on E Bay :) I go through phases with E-Bay,I either don't go on it for ages or spend hours on there!Currently I have lots of nail laquers on my watch list... Anyway,Christmas before last (2010) I really wanted a Fuji Instax camera.Geoff was not impressed as I'd only recently got my Canon and he couldn't understand why I also wanted an instant camera! All the ones I looked at then were fairly expensive so I just sort of forgot about them in the New Year.I don't know what made me start looking again a couple of weeks back,but after missing out on one after I forgot to put in a bid before I went to work I am now the proud owner of this :)
Polaroid instant photos remind me going to birthday parties (when I was at junior school!)and going home with a photo of myself in my fancy party dress:) I still need to order some paper for this one before I can start using it.The girls think it's fab but I have warned them it's not a cheap way to take photos and will be used sparingly!

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Claire Crompton said...

Lucky you Sue, I've got an old Polaroid one but the cartridges are so expensive for them and I think they stopped making them. I've recently looked for them and they were around £20!!

C x