Wednesday, January 04, 2012

He's finished :)

This afternoon when she got in from school Holly finished off her sock hedgehog :) He's quite quirky and a bit of an individual! It didn't really help that there is no photo with the kit and the finished hedgehog is nothing like the drawing on the bag the kits comes in! Having found an actual picture on the John Lewis website we were a bit more reassured that he looked as he was supposed to! Holly did it all herself, I had to step away and let her get on with it.When it comes to sewing I am a neat freak,my cross stitch used to be as neat on the back as it was on the front ! I think her wonky sewing gives him a bit of character!

Next project is the the felt monster kit that she got for Christmas ...!

Em is currently studying hard for her assessments and exams :( Not helped by being told that an exam she was told she was having in three weeks in now next week! Not what you'd call organised! Next week we are going back to the Orthodontist with her too.Since finishing wearing her braces three and a half years ago her teeth have moved back to where they were .She was never given a retainer which always seemed a bit strange...anyway, we will wait and see what they say.

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Claire Crompton said...

I love Holly's hedgehog, I've been making sock rabbits and they are great fun. I hope the trip to the dentist goes okay for Em.

C x