Monday, January 23, 2012

Catching up

As I have said before ,I still have some catching up to do on my Document 2011 album. Part of me thinks I should finish it before I start the 2012 one.But I'm thinking if I don't start that this weekend I will never start it! So I think I will take my December pages to finish off and start on my Jan 2012 ones.I'm still working out how to do this years album.Last year some of my pocket pages were really full whilst others were practically empty.I also wasn't great at doing a main layout for each month so I may give that a miss...still undecided!
Anyway, these are my August pages.

The paper for my Instax camera arrived on Friday (bit gutted as I had hoped to use it on Thursday :( ),so yesterday I used it for the first time.I don't think Em quite got my excitement ('So it's not quick then?'!), but Holly was quite impressed!

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