Sunday, January 08, 2012

New arrivals...

Over the last couple of weeks, the girls have been reading this blog :) They fell slightly in love with the monkeys! Luckily for them I found a couple on E Bay looking for new yesterday they met Eric and Ernie for the first time :) I dread to think what they will get up to...!

I don't really know where this weekend has gone :( Today I sorted the DVD shelves out and had a a bit of a chuck out :)This weeks job is to update some of the photo frames we have up (and use some of the many un-used ones I have!)Hence I spent ages looking through our Florida photos whilst choosing some to order:)

Whoops,I have just remembered what we did yesterday! We finally had Holly's very late birthday 'do'in the morning, a cinema trip with seven friends to see Puss In Boots!It wasn't as good as we were expecting but I think they enjoyed it :)

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