Saturday, February 04, 2012

Waiting ...impatiently...

...for the snow! We are supposedly forecast it from 6pm this evening and through the night,so we could wake up tomorrow to a winter wonderland : D.AS we have had heavy snow the last couple of years, we have gradually got more 'prepared'! We all (except Geoff !)have wellies,we have two sledges and today I have bought us waterproof ski gloves :) That way we can make snowmen and throw snowballs without cold wet hands and a million pairs of mittens drying on the radiators! Bring it on....!

Last week we had a our family trip to see Wicked,courtesy of some Christmas money and cheap tickets from Get In To London Theatre :)We had tea in Pizza Hut first -yum! And yes, it was the third time I've seen it, but I would still go again! Holly absolutely loved it and laughed,danced and sang throughout it :) And Em was just pleased it was the same actress playing Elphaba as when we went before as she really likes her (and she was supposed to be on holiday!)

Last week was crop week :) I spent most of the time doing my January pages .They are nearly done,I just needed a photo of Holly in her Guide uniform to complete them. I have seen lots of lovely Project Life pages on other peoples blogs but I really don't think our life is interesting enough to fill a page each week (and everyone else would be sick of my camera in their faces !) so I'll stick with the current plan of monthly pages!

This afternoon Holly wanted to go for a walk at the lakes.It was freezing so we didn't stay out too long!

This is the new 'epic' hat (as one of Holly's friends called it!)that Holly and Em share! They spotted it in Claires at a ridiculous price that I refused to pay,and then a few weeks later we found one on the sale rack for £3 - bargain!They only had one left though, hence the sharing!

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Claire Crompton said...

We had snow yesterday but it has now gone, my parents have had around 5 inches in Royston so I hope you got some so you can try out your new gloves! Les has no wellies either but me and Charlotte do, maybe it's a matcho thing!!

I love that hat, and I would wear that.

Have a good week.
Claire x