Monday, February 01, 2010

Badly written blog!

Or just not written at all!!

And as I haven't written it for so long, I'm having trouble remembering what I've done!

I have lots whizzing round my head, mainly holiday planning :) This time last week I was filling in the passport forms,and today these arrived through the letterbox.

Now I would love to show you our photos ,but we look like a scary ASBO family so Idon't think I'll bother!

Our weekend was a busy one,Saturday morning we went to Thurrock to do a bit of shopping for 'warm weather' clothes! I know it may seem a bit early ,but we needed to go to a decent Primark and the Thurrock one is the nicest near here! Really pleased that I got us some bargain Crocs too, Mary Janes for Holly & Em and Caymans for me for a total of £29 :) That's one thing I can cross off my list then :)

Saturday afternoon Holly had a birthday party at the sports stadium doing fun rings, which is basically going down the ski slope on a huge inflatable ring! Then on Sunday afternoon we went to see the Bowkis family :) Em rocked out on Guitar Hero with Peter ,and I'm not quite sure what Holly and Izzy were up to!

Today has been back to the mundane, lots of hoovering,dusting and ironing...roll on next weekend! I have no crafty 'makes' to share,I'll need to scrap again soon before I forget how!


domestic goddess said...

thanks for today hun, lovely to see you even if it was short and oh so sweet!

lyzzydee said...

I must remember to sort out our passports, its the kids ones that catch you ouit as they only last 5 years, would be shame to have to leave them at the airport!!!!

jakey said...

I just LOVE holiday planning! I spent hours researching, printing off coupons, maps, timetables, tips, etc etc. I drive Carl mad, but let me tell you - when we get to our destination, he's the first one looking for the folder where i've stored all our bits of info.
Great fun! Enjoy!