Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Having promised myself I'd 'do' something last week,I spent the weekend making the final 2010 Paper Mill calendar I had to do .(Yes, I know it's now Feb but the original had September missing so I couldn't use it!)Which was a good thing as it got me rummaging through lots of paper again :),and made me feel like doing a layout.I used this photo as I had it already printed out and I'm almost out of ink (sods law!).I used the lovely Kaisercraft papers from Anna's January crop kit.I am very bad at not using my kits so she'll very proud of me!The cute wooden star is actually a cake decoration (it was on a little wooden stick!) and the letters are my new love Doodlebug stickers.I have got through loads of their Loopy Love stickers but these ones are fab too, plus you get lots on a sheet :) Doh, I've just realised that I forgot to add on a date tag somewhere so I'll have to do that later!
Half term has started off pretty drearily with rain, grey clouds and more snow yesterday...I feel like I'm in desperate need of of some fresh air and sunshine!
We are on guines pig patrol this week for our neighbours, though they are staying at their 'own home' and we are just going over to feed them :)Though with the dark evenings I'm thinking it may have been easier to have them here!Lesson learnt :)
Anna has now taken delivery of the Pencil Lines book -woohoo! I think very few people will appreciate the blood ,sweat and (lots) of tears that have gone into getting this book published ,and I am so proud of her for persevering and realising her dream :) Okay, gush fest over ! I'm sure I will have a photo to share of the girls holding the book soon as they can't wait to see it :)


domestic goddess said...

aww hunny thanks so much, i am blushing as i type.
Love your layout of the girls, the photo is gorgeous!
your copies will be in the post tomorrow xxx

Em said...

I am excited about the book too. Anna deserves all due praise for realising her dream.
Lovely layout too Sue :)

deb said...

What a gorgeous layout Sue! Delighted to hear that the book has landed - I can't wait for mine to arrive.

Becky said...

Beautiful layout :)