Monday, January 25, 2010

Felty things:)

For yesterdays crop,in an attempt to not take quite so much paper with me, I took a big bag of felt :) I put to use Anna's lovely new Hello Kitty die (hmm,wonder who sent her the link to that then?!) and made two of these Hello Kitty pencil cases for the girls.

I had to have a quick lesson from Kerry on how to do blanket stitch first though :) They still need buttons putting on, and I'll be the first to admit that are pretty basic! But it was nice to do omething a bit different :) I also attempted some felt flowers, but I think I need to practice them a bit more!

I also made this, finally using a board with a strut on it that Anna brought me back from Barcelona a couple of years back.You can basically use the back of any old photo frames as the base for a layout :)

I have been meaning to use it for ages and thought it would be perfect for using some of Anna's scrunched up flowers on :)I used Scenic Route Sonoma papers.I'm a bit sad that there will be no more papers from them as they're one of my favourite companies, I could use their papers over and over again (and I do!)


domestic goddess said...

love your HK pencil cases, so cute!
I think i am addicted to felt ta the mo, LOL
hugs xx

deb said...

Hi Sue

Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog about my 365 album. It was a labour of love! I really enjoy looking back at it already. I hope you take on the challenge one year - it is really worth it. just a quick question - do you have any idea when the pencil lines book is being published? I ordered mine before Christmas but have not had it yet. I am really looking forwards to seeing your contribution. thanks deb :-

Anonymous said...
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