Thursday, February 11, 2010


I did mean to blog sooner seems pretty un- interesting at the moment :( I have been getting into the whole holiday 'planning' thing (much to Anna's horror ;))and spending ages researching stuff,only to stay awake at night with so much whizzing round my head...cue one grumpy and tired me!
Scrapping is still non-existent, though I'm going make myself do something this weekend!Yeah right...;)
Last week I was lucky enough to get lots of flowers, all as thank you presents :) I have managed to keep the beautiful orchid alive so far, and how beautiful are those cream tulips? (which sadly have just about died now :( )

Earlier this week Holly has Australia Day at school.'Warm' costumes weren't exactly practical as it was freezing! Holly went doing a bbq,complete with plate of plastic food and tongs :) Not forgetting the huge koala bear she took too!

I am really looking forward to half term next week, no packed lunches to make :)!
And fingers crossed the Pencil Lines books will be with Anna very soon and I will have a copy in my hot little hands!
I will try and update again soon...but don't hold your breath!


Pencil Lines DT Co-Ordinator said...

hehe, Holly looks fantastic!!
Not long for the book now, expecting my delivery tomorrow, yay!!!!

jakey said...

Lol at the Aussie day idea - brilliant! I tossed up between celebrating Burns day or Oz day at work as our theme day for january. Went for Burns in the end, but it'll be Oz next year as our new manager is Australian. Wouldn't dare bring play food in tho, my lot would probably try eating it!

Em said...

Wow those flowers are that 'frilly' edged tulip

Toni said...

As an Australian, I gotta say -- Holly looks JUST like a little Aussie so well done on the costume!!