Friday, February 19, 2010

I've got mine :)

Have you got yours yet? I'm talking about the Pencil Lines book :) You cannot imagine how happy I am that I was part of this :) The more I look through,it the more I love it :)

So, half term is almost over and I feel like I've hardly seen the kids properly:( I suppose it's to be expected as they're both growing up and spending more time with their friends but I've missed not doing much with them this week :( Tomorrow Em is off to the cinema in the morning with friends whilst Holly is out all day at Brownie meet up...see what I mean?!I think Sunday will be a day for doing nothing!
This afternoon Holly and I decided to go for a walk for some fesh air, and to give my camera a bit of trip out (though sods law that the girls flattened the batteries in it yesterday!)Once home ,Holly set about doing a bit scrapping :)


domestic goddess said...

is that MLS I see there, wtg Holly.cannot wait to see the finished layout.
So pleased you have the book in your hands!

The Domestic Diva Wanna-Be said...

Congrats Sue! And congrats to Anna and all the contributors to the book. It looks amazing.

I know how you feel about your girls growing up and spending more time with their friends. My two just turned 18 and will graduate this May! Eeeks! Sad & happy... But I still have the little guy to cuddle up with.

When is your trip to Disney?

Even though I haven't posted on my blog in eons, I still read yours every time you update.

Congrats again!