Friday, July 24, 2009

Romans,muffins and....rain :(

On Wednesday the girls went to the Verulamium museum with my Mum & Dad ,in St Albans :) They got chance to dress up in Roman style clothes ,and Holly made mosaic mask .Luckily,my mum took her camera :) They also had a picnic but they look frozen in those photos!

In the afternoon we made peanut butter & Chocolate cheekies,though they look just like muffins ...Despite putting the right amount of peanut butter in, they don't really taste that peanut-ty though :( Don't think we'll be rushing to make them again !

Yesterday afternoon it rained...and whilst it did the girls played at spies!

This morning we went into town and almost as soon as we got home ...yep it rained.I'm getting a little bit fed up with it now!So whilst it poured this afternoon,the girls had their nails painted in preparation for tomorrow...

Tomorrow we are off to the Bowkis' family bash late afternoon :) Holly and Izzy have spent ages on the phone to each other (who do they get that from?!) making face painting arrangements :) They also have some Hello Kitty tattoos to put on people for a small charge...all in the aid of charity of course! Holly was quick to name MS as her charity,Anna you've taught her well :) So keep your fingers and toes crossed that it doesn't rain tomorrow...please!

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domestic goddess said...

hi hunny,
so good to have you with us yesterday!
love the Roman photo, although Em doesnt look to happy!
hugs xxx