Thursday, May 21, 2009

Surprise post

is always the nicest post :) Yesterday a pizza box landed on my doorstep from Anna with a very cute Momiji apron in it :) The label on the box gave me a giggle as it says it's a 'dainty apron for Sunday baking' Well, if you've ever seen me baking, I most certainly am not dainty,and make a huge mess everywhere! Hopefully one day I will have a Domestic Goddess moment and be able to wear it without ruining it!
We are forecast sunny weather for the next few days -yipee! I think I will be spending the weekend out in the garden cutting hedges and the grass! No veggie patches here this year,no doubt I'll be regretting that later in the year when everyone else starts showing off their homegrown veg! Maybe next year?! Trouble is where we had them a couple of years back is right next to one of the hedges ,so they get covered whenever the neighbours cut the hedge :(

Today Holly went to her first school disco,bless! At her school they don't have disco's until they are in juniors.She looked so gorgeous :) She had swimming last thing so we had less than an hour to shower her,wash her hair ,dry it and curl it!I can remember so clearly though when Em went to her first one and exactly what she wore! Anyway,she was seemed to enjoy herself and happy that they played her request...which was Mamma Mia!
I am looking forward to half term next week :) Though trying to jiggle everything round seems impossible in one week...roll on the summer holidays and six weeks! So far we have planned -bowling (for 1p a game!),meeting up with friends for a picnic (weather permitting!),seeing Anna and probably seeing my sister, as well as still trying to sort out Em having a friend over and another for a sleep over...
Right, Greys has finished and I've almost stopped crying(yet again!) so I'm heading off to bed soon :)

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domestic goddess said...

Holly you look so beautiful!