Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I spoke too soon..

...and it rained on and off all day Monday :( So nothing done in the garden and no barbie :(
By the afternoon I was a bit fed up so Holly and I made some muffins,or 'mega massive muffins' as Em as called them! Bad move really as I've eaten loads of them!
Yesterday was a different matter though,loads of sunshine so I got a bit caught up,mowing both the front and back gardens and whizzing round with the strimmer.
I'm still all out of synch and totally confused as to what day it is after the weekend,doesn't take much does it?!
I'm afraid there's not much interesting stuff going on here.Holly was at a friends after school which gave me a chance to tidy her room a little bit.I don't know how an eight year old can end up with so many 'bits' Actually,looking at all my stuff maybe I can see where she gets it from?!

Took the plunge and ordered the Cherry Hill range by October Afternoon today -yum! I usually decide I like their papers too late and half the papers I want are out of stock so this time I thought I'd get in quick! Just need some sunshine and some summery photos now :)


domestic goddess said...

oo love teh look of those papers!

Sara said...

Mmmm, I'm loving the look of those October Afternoon papers - yummy!