Monday, May 11, 2009

Got the grumps

I don't know if it's the fact that it's Monday,or the fact that I'm tired,but I definitely have the grumps at the moment.Maybe it's the fact that the weekends go by too fast? Or may be I'm just getting old and becoming a grumpy old woman?!

Anyway, the weeknd was lovely and I did mean to blog last night but just didn't feel like it.Saturday we did the food shopping aand then had a visit from my sister & her two girls,so there was lots of bouncing on the trampoline!

Yesterday Geoff was working so in the morning the girls and I went down to the lakes.The girls had a paddle in the river ,until Holly decided to jump from one stepping stone to another (which wasn't exactly near to her!) and promptly slipped and fell on her bum! We also went to the playground for a quick go on the wok and the boingy thing ,before walking round the lake.Holly wanted to go to her favourite tree but soon realised that sitting in a tree isn't comfy when wearing a skirt .We also found this lovely bunch of fluffies too :)
The day was finished off with a barbecue,our first one this year (I know, we're so behind everyone else!)

This is my Pencil Lines layout this week.I used October Afternoon and Scenic Route papers
Sassafrass letter stickers
Basic Grey buttons
Jenni Bowlin & My little Shoebox letters.

The photos were taken a couple of years back when it was Holly's turn to bring home 'Learner Bear' for the night.She had to fill in a diary of what he had been up to while he stayed here and add photos, hence we had loads of them!
Not sure what I'm up to the rest of the week,the weather certainly isn't looking great after today.I guess I could just get on with the ironing mountain ,the result of lots of sunny weather the past few days!


domestic goddess said...

dont be grumpy hun, the sun is shining!!!!

Sandie said...

It must be catching my hubby has had the Monday Grumps all day!!! Hope tuesday is better for you x

lyzzydee said...

Go and sit by your wall and bask in the warmth.

Sara said...

Gorgeous lo, hope you are feeling more cheerful soon.

Em said...

OMG, you have just brought back happy memories when my boys brought back a bear from school too. Wow, we took that bear on some travels.
Hope you are feeling more cheerful :)

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

hope by now you are over the grumps...because guess what....tomorrow is monday :)
sending you hugs!