Friday, May 29, 2009

The recipe

for four happy girls is as follows

1.Go and see a Disney film at the cinema

2.Pay a visit to a Claire's outlet store

3.Finish off with a trip to McDonalds,complete with a McFlurry

That pretty much sums up our day! We met up with Anna,Izzy and Lilly at the cinema and went to see Hannah Montana the movie.Despite what she says,Anna secretly enjoyed it ,though I think she may regret buying Izzy the soundtrack - anyone for the hoe down?! The girls also got themselves a few treats from Claire's .Izzy and Holly now have a best friends necklace between them ,a very cool Nightmare before Christmas one at that!

On Tuesday we went Moonlight Bowling 9am in the morning! My kids seem to have the most unorthodox bowling style I've ever seen...that said Em whopped my butt and I came a joint sorry second with Holly! We also popped into Primark where Em stocked up hairbands ,as well as our first trip to Claire's of the week :)

Wednesdays plans were changed due to Holly's friends being ill so she had one friend here instead.On Thursday the girls got to spend most of the day with their cousins before Em went to a friends and Holly and I headed back home.

With the weather being generally dry (except for Wednesday), there's also been lots of time spent in the garden,bikes being ridden etc.Although I suffer when it's gets really hot (very fat ankles!!),I love the more relaxed pace of the holidays in the warmer weather :)

We have more beautiful weather forcast for the next few days ,though Sunday I will be indoors best part of the day as I am finally going cropping! I haven't been since last December,but as per usual have no idea what to take with me .I did tidy my table top tote out the other day though so at least that's a little bit lighter :)

I am off to decide what to scrap...!


domestic goddess said...

love those photos!!!
see you sunday!
hugs xxx

~Sasha Farina~ said...

precious photos of the girls..!!!

Sara said...

Sounds like a lovely relaxed break, enjoy the crop xx