Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Woe is me

Today has been on of those bleurgh days, you know, the sort only women get?!Give me a couple of days and all will be well,but right now I feel like a beached whale !All thoughts of healthy eating seem to have flown out of the window the last couple of weeks.I really need a huge boot up the bum to get myself motivated again :(
We are back in the old school time routine again now...roll on Easter!!
Plans are afoot for a day out with Anna next week (kids permitting!) which I'm looking forward to :)
The kids had pancakes for tea, though admittedly from a packet mix.As the end result was covered in bananas and chocolate sauce I don't think they they were too bothered how they were made!
No photos as I've not used the camera the last couple of days!
I am off to bed to catch up on my much needed beauty sleep!

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domestic goddess said...

sending massive cyber hugs to you darling! Will see you next week armed with scrapping goodies and a trip to Ikea!!!