Saturday, February 28, 2009

All is well

I just haven't got round to blogging again this week -oops! Feeling much brighter now ,with a bit more get up & go,which is a good thing!
Yesterday was a lovely day weather wise, really mild and sunny-it really makes a difference to everything when the sun shines! I actually hung the washing out in the garden to dry for the first time this year- my pleasures are simple!Yesterday also saw a mammoth ironing session after I didn't touch it all week (shame on me!)Funny though,how both the washing bin and ironing basker both seem full again today...
This morning we just did the boring stuff ie Tesco and Costco shoppping.After lunch we had to drop off Holly at her Thinking Day thingy for Brownies.I then popped into town to pick up the girls free Go Go Bones from Smiths, before we all went back to
see Holly and all the Brownies, Rainbows & Guides from this district singing in a concert.It was quite strange ,as there were leaders there who I went to Guides with years ago in my dim & distant past!
I am off to bed now to catch up on sleep, scrapping til 12.30am last night (this morning?!)doesn't do much for me I'm afraid.
Don't really have any pretty pictures to share,so here's a sneak of my Pencil Lines layout for tomorrow :)

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