Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Girls get together :)

Take four girls,two Mum's,a spot of fresh air and a dash of High School Musical 3 and that sums up our day :) Our visits from Anna ,Izzy & Lilly have settled into a bit of an unspoken routine over the last couple of years...they arrive,me & Anna sit and chat in the kitchen & discuss scrapping stuff,the girls play on the Wii/DS's.After lunch we go to the lakes for some fresh air and a photo shoot and then we come home and the girls put on a show.This time the 'show' was High School Musical 3 (what a surprise!) directed by Em ,starring Lilly as Troy,Izzy as Sharpay ,Holly as Gabriella and Em as Ryan and several others!One day I will remember to get the video camera out rather than taking photos .

I felt very wholesome and domesticated as I managed to whip up a batch of choc chip muffins just before they arrived.I have to say,they are absolutely lovely and I'm quite impressed with myself!Of course Anna and I had to sample one each whilst they were still warm..yum! I don't think Em believed us when we said the mixture only made ten, not the twelve there was space for in the baking tin! Will try and take a photo tomorrow of the remaining ones to prove how nice they look :)
I'll add photos tomorrow as Blogger is so sloooow tonight!


domestic goddess said...

we had a fantastic time as always! I just wish they wouldnt grow up so fast! I mean coem on, Em made me a gorgeous salad,a nd Holly and Izzy look like a couple of 13 year olds these day :( does this mean we are looking older too!!!
love you laods xxx

Monica Anderberg said...

I really love your scrapping. Your blog is beautiful and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

BR/ Monica at http://scrapoleket.blogspot.com/