Monday, February 16, 2009

All what?!

This evening I have finally finished reading Breaking Dawn.It toook me longer than the others as it's longer than the others,and I read it more slowly as I knew it was the last one.And I feel a bit lost now! I suppose I could start them over again,but as Em's reading Twilight maybe not! I'm not going to say too much about what I thought of it as I know other people who haven't started reading them yet or haven't got as far as the last one yet.Despite being a bit sceptical, I did get vey sucked in by them (as poor Anna will know,I'm sure I've bored her going on about them for the last two weeks!) Still not sure that I want to watch the film though!

Tomorrow we have the Bowkis clan visiting.Not before we've done a quick tidy up of the house and maybe cooked some choc chip muffins (time permitting!) No doubt High School Musical 3 (a bargain at £8 from Tesco)will be put on at some point,though I'm sure the kids will wander off and leave me & Anna watching it!

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