Sunday, January 04, 2009

Turn the heating up...'s flippin' freezing! Musn't complain though,I love it when it's cold and frosty,so much nicer than rain and wind!Despite the cold, me and the girls still went down to the lakes for another walk and to feed the swans as we had a loaf of bread ready to be chucked.Just as well we went, the swans seemed starving! Both parts of the lake were completely frozen over today.Not surprisingly it was pretty deserted down there so the girls grabbed a chance to go on the 'boingy thing' (I have no idea what it's real name is!!(modern day see saw?!)) in the playground too as it was free(we gave up waiting for a turn yesterday!)
We've also spent some time in Em's room making a dent in the 'big clearout'.Sadly they both seem to have inherited my tendancy to hoard,so I'm trying to snap them out of it while they're young!Trouble is,I would rather spend the weekends out in the fresh air than stuck in a bedroom sorting through stuff!
Tomorrow Em is back in schoool so it'll be just me & Holly.We are off out for a hot chocolate in the morning and I have a couple of other bits to do whilst we are in the town.

Pencil Lines is back tonight after our Christmas break :)
For my layout I used
Scenic Route Surprise and Sonoma papers
KI Lace paper
AC glitter thickers
Doodlebug letter stickers
Fancy pants trim
Prima swirls
Our sponsor was Elle's Studio.I cut round the tags and layered them for my journalling spot and used a January tag :)
This evening I have sat and started to make a mini book with pics of the party in -shock horror, I never make mini books! But I am trying to make myself use up stash and do something with it! Though after tonight I think using Stickles must be easier than glue with Doodlebug glitter sprinkled over, right?!
I am off to bed as getting up 'normal' (ie early!) time tomorrow is going to be a bit of a shock....


domestic goddess said...

i cannot wait to see your mini book hun!

BTW, its snowing!!!!!!!

Sara said...

Love the lo. Happy new year! x

Sandie said...

Love your PL layout, can't wait to see this mini book!!