Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A girl and her picture

Forgot to add a photo of Holly with the painting she did on Sunday so here it is:) Not sure why she was wearing the headscarf,but she did look cute!

Today is one of those days where things have gone a bit wrong.I discoverd that two cheques have cleared from my account...which I wrote back in September!I'd assumed they gone through long ago ,I wasn't sitting here thinking that I'd got away without paying!So I have to go back to the bank tomorrow (couldn't do it today as it was 15 mins before I had to collect Holly) and hope that I'm in time to pay in some more money before they bounce a cheque that I wrote on Saturday (thinking that was still money in there).I could really do without the extra running around!

Then this evening I have made a batch of cookies for a cake sale at school tomorrow...and they are looking a bit odd! Don't know what I've done wrong and I've made them loads of times before without any probs ...but they are definitely not right :( And I am all out of flour so I'll have to make another load tomorrow afternoon and take them straight into school...

I have started to get ready for the weekend though,mystery kit is packed, papers & alphabets chosen....I am getting there slowly!


Sara said...

Hope the day got better and you have a fantastic trip x

domestic goddess said...

Holly thats brilliant, i am still no further forward! see you tomrorow hun xxx