Thursday, January 29, 2009

(Im)patiently waiting...

I have recently gone back to spending far too much time on my butt in front of the PC in the evenings so have decided to get some new books to read.Now I must admit that too much hype tends to put me off things,but I have gone ahead and ordered the first three of the Twilight books (at the bargain price of £7.99 they seemed too good to miss!)Em is also keen to read them so even if I'm not impressed they'll be welcome amongst all her other books!I've deliberately tried to avoid reading anything about the film too ,other than various people saying it's pants compared to the books!So now I am just waiting for the postie to leave them on my doorstep :) ...sooner rather than later!
This week has been a bit of a weird one.As Geoff was off on Monday it kind of felt like a Sunday so it feels like tomorrow and the end of the week has come round pretty quickly.Despite scrapping loads last weekend I really haven't felt the urge to do so since :( I obviously find it easier when I can just work away without having to keep everything away in between!I scrap in the kitchen and sometimes I just don't feel like sitting out there on my own all evening.
Em came home today with two more school certificates,one for 100% attendance and one for the highest effort grades,we're so proud of her!Holly has now started cheerleading classes at school and seems to be really enjoying them :)
A few more photos of our weekend away,Anna with her treasured bag of cheese and a fab group shot (nicked from Anna :) )

And two more layouts :)


deb said...

Love these two layouts - especially the hot chocolate one. I have been following your blog for ages - love all your layouts - never been brave enough to comment before!

Sara said...

Please let us know your thoughts on Twilight - I am now on book 4 - can hardly put it down! Great lo's xx

domestic goddess said...

absolutley adore your layouts hun, cant wait to hear your review on teh twilight series !