Thursday, January 08, 2009

Getting there

So,we are slowly getting back into the normal routine of school and everything else.I must admit that I don't like getting up in the mornings though, just another hour under the warm duvet would do nicely!
We were lucky enough to get a sprinkling of snow earlier in the week,though it wasn't really enough to do anything with (like go sledging or make a snowman!) it did hang around and make everything look pretty for a while.
Hmm, I really can't think of anything interesting to write..!!
The NYE mini book is still waiting to be done..but done it will be ,as I've printed all the photos and I'm not wasting them!
Life seems pretty quiet after the mad month before Christmas, though Holly seems to be hitting a social whirl again with several parties in the next couple of weeks.It's not like I don't have anything to keep me busy though...there's loads of stuff to do around the house!
Right, Greys has finished (I've been writing this in the (many) advert breaks !) so I am off to bed :)


Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

your snow looks a bit like ours.....nice white blanket!!
happy new year to you and your family!!!

Sara said...

Just go to bed an hour earlier to get that extra hour under the duvet!

lyzzydee said...

We didn't get anywhere near a covering of snow!! lucky you!!