Saturday, January 03, 2009

So I lied

and didn't come back and do a blog post yesterday,sorry!
Instead I actually did a layout.Now I know that may not sound like an amazing achievement,but the last couple of weeks I really haven't been bothered whether I ever scrap again or not.I'm not really sure why,to be honest.It didn't stop me treating myself to some of the new Basic Grey Bittersweet range though ,which arrived this morning -yum :)My scrapping stuff is in such a mess again right now so that sort of puts me off going anywhere near it!I did use up lots of scraps and half sheets though when doing all the calendars before Christmas,which has reduced my paper pile a bit!
So, New Year and all that it brings...I haven't chosen a 'word', made any resolutions...if anything,it just makes feel me a bit down,all the life/personal analysis stuff that New Year seems to bring on.Oh,I'm a happy little bunny aren't I?!
So what does 2009 have in store for me....I turn 40 and Em turns 13,now that is a scary thought!(Her being 13 that is!)
The New Years Eve party at Anna's was fab.I admit to drinking far too much,but strangely staying fairly sober!Anna was apparently wondering why we were late,when it was due to Geoff's make-up (note, not mine!)taking longer to do than anticipated.He was going to go as Heath Legders version of the Joker,but once the green hairspray was on he decided to go with the Jack Nicholson version instead.His hair was fab colour ,though it wasn't that obvious unless he was in the light! And Lyzzy, no I didn't go as a welcome sign! I went as Anna, arriving with a home made cake,my camera round my neck and wearing her apron (cunningly pinched and hidden by Karen & Kevin for me -just a shame we couldn't find it!!)Everyone else's costume's were fab,so next time I'm getting a proper one! Not surprisngly, there was lots of singing and lots of Rock Band :) (not by me I hasten to add,one song was enough for them to tell me I was awful!!)I had a horrible feeling I was going to wish I was at home with the girls come midnight as they'd planned to wake up and watch the fireworks.As it was,when my Dad woke Holly ,she went to the toilet and then went straight back to bed,whilst Em didn't even wake up!Which made me feel much better knowing that!Anyway, a huge big thank you to Anna & Peter for inviting us,when can we do it again?!So, here are some more photos :)Thanks to Karen for letting me pinch the one of me & Geoff :)

So the Christmas decs are now all down and back in the loft.Whilst it's nice to have the room back to normal,it's feels a little 'bare' in here too...
Don't forget to check out Pencil Lines tomorrow night as we are back from our little break :)

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domestic goddess said...

you can come and play anythime, it was so good to see you both :), i am updating now!
huge hugs xoxoxo