Saturday, May 24, 2008

Shiny happy Brownie

Yesterday evening Holly had her Brownie Promise ceremony :) A big thank you to a certain Mrs Bowkis for ringing her up beforehand :) I was the only mum who made her wait til her Promise meeting to wear her uniform (the Rainbow one is now in the hands of Lily after a quick dash to St Neots via 1st class post!),so she looked all bright and 'new'!Prior to the parents arriving,they had spent the evening making cakes which they then served to us as part of their Hostess badge -so sweet!Tomorrow I need to sew her county badge, pack badge plus her hedgehog badge on to her sash :)This sort of thing takes me right back to my own childhood.I loved Brownies but really wasn't a fan of Guides :(
Yesterday I started the painful task of trying to buy new summer clothes for the girls (yes, I'm probably far too late and we've had our summer for this year!) A note to those who design clothes for children(not that they'll ever read this!)....I do not want slogans written across the bum of their trousers...neither do I want their butt cheeks and bellies permanently on show..I just want nice,easy to wear, non sexy clothes for that?! I did eventually manage to find a few nice things for them but it wasn't easy.
The weather forecast for half term looks pretty rubbish so far, but the girls have a long list of cooking they want to do on the rainy days!


Sara said...

Bless her, Henry took his Beaver promise 2 weeks ago, growing up far too fast ! Have a great weekend x

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domestic goddess said...

awwww how gorgoues