Thursday, May 08, 2008

Lazy blogger...

...yep, that's me! I love this gorgeous weather we're having ,but the heat does make me relax,slow down....and be lazy!I've been making a 'little' use of the neat & tidy garden now that I have somewhere to put my sun lounger ;)
I'm afraid I don't have much interesting news to share or any scrapping.If anyone's seen my mojo ,please return it...I think it's packed up its suitcase and headed out of town :(
Weekend plans include going to see 'Horton Hears a Who' on Saturday morning whilst leaving Geoff to work on the garden (again!) And hopefully if this weather holds ,I'll blow up the pool for the kids to splash about in :)


domestic goddess said...

enjoy the weather hunny!!

lyzzydee said...

I think your mojo is under the shed.