Monday, May 12, 2008

Little Miss

..Hippy Chick! I got some gorgeous photos of Holly this weekend (Em wasn't interested, she was concentrating on her revision!).I love how her hair goes so wavy when it's left to dry naturally,and it happens a lot once we get into paddling pool season! So here are a couple of pics of my daisy chained hippy chick :) I feel some Flower Power layouts coming on!

Sats seem to be okay so far, though I have just realised that I have completely forgotten to do the sausage rolls for tomorrow.Looks like I'll be getting the oven on early in the morning!

This evening I have actually managed a layout ...without a sketch! Which is a major miracle at the moment believe me! Can't share it yet as it's for the May Scrapping Angels kit and I need to send it to Anna first!

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domestic goddess said...

her hair is so gorgeous!!!