Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bleach fumes

After a measly four hours sleep last night (I finally removed the temptation to put a pillow over Geoff's face by sleeping on the sofa!) I've spent most of the day on the dreaded HW..what joy! I have a hit list of stuff to tidy away over the rest of the week!

Today Em started a Cheerleading course at school which went well,even better is that there's a group run at the senior school she's going to in September,so it's something she can carry on with if she wants to. This Friday Holly has her Brownie promise,when she becomes a Hedgehog!(Whatever happened to Gnomes and Pixies...oh, am I showing my age again?!)

This is the card I made using the March Scrapping Angels kit.Holly thought she'd missed someones birthday when she saw it on the shelf, until she realised it was just for 'demonstration'!
I have been playing around with my profile page following the changes on UKS, this evening and looks quite tasteful at the moment after a brief brush with lime green and pink earlier on!


kez said...

Ooh, love that! :-) It was good to catch up yesterday.... hope you managed to get all of ypur jobs done!

Sara said...

LOL !! I was seconder in Gnomes and then sixer in Pixies (is that right???)and had the wear the horrid brown dress !

Sara xx

domestic goddess said...

LOL at gnomes and pixies, Izzy has her promise after half term!