Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chaos reigns

in our house at the moment! Yesterday I painted Holly's room and Geoff put up her new bed.To do this, we had to empty the room out completely...not an easy task.There is very little room to put anything in this house, and believe me, I cannot beleive how much stuff a seven year old can cram into a small room! Hence, every other room is filled with stuff from hers during the the redecoration/organistation.There are dressing up clothes in the bathroom, I can't get to the airing cupboard,and Em can just about find her bed in her room!We are getting there slowly and hopefully tomorrow (Em is having a sleepover in Holly's room tonight!) I'll be able to get everything back in there...
So, no photos ro share and the only scrapping has been for Anna so I'm not sure if I can show it yet :)

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