Sunday, November 04, 2007

Two old hags....!!

Just thought I'd get that comment in before someone else does!
So yes, I am still here! Have spent this week (well, last week now) running around all over the place and my blogging has been neglected.
So what's been happening...on Wednesday we went out trick or treating...don't panic, just to people who we knew ! It was a really nice evening,there were three of us adults with 6 kids.There is a street near us where my friends sister lives so we went there...almost every house had a pumpkin outside! The girls buckets were full of sweets !(which will no doubt get forgotten and thrown away in six months time!)We have been over run with pumpkins this year as my dad grew some as well as our Willows farm ones. I did a witch for last Wednesday.As we were having a small Halloween party today, I did another one this afternoon (the others are now mouldy...really not a nice smell!)but still need to take a photo of it.
So this afternoon, Anna came over with Izzy and Lilly for a Halloween 'do'.Holly really wanted a Halloween party for her birthday...but being born at the end of November means it's a bit late!The compromise was to have a small party this weekend.As it was still early afternoon, I covered all the windows with bargain Halloween tissuie paper from Poundland .We had the doughnuts on a string game (Ann'a fave!), Mummies and find the sweets in the 'goo' (ie cold spaghetti and jelly!)All finished off with sparklers in the garden! After we waved our guests off , we popped over to our neighbours for fireworks in the garden (rather them than me!) and more sparklers :)

Pencil Lines is now live with a new sketch.We also have two fab new design team members join us this week.Their work is amazing - go check them out!

This week I used items for the November Scrapping Angels kit.
Papers by Scenic Route
Angel Kiss blooms
Bazzill rub-ons
Bazzill from kit
Scenic Route journalling label from kit
Right, I am off to recover!


domestic goddess said...

hehehe, so love that photo, i believe a LO is in order!!!!
tahnks for having us i so enjoyed the time away from the chaos at ours!!!
Love that carved pumpkin, oh talented one!!!
hugs xxx

Sandie said...

LOL I love that photo, very scrapable!! And your carved pumpkin.......I'm in awe!!

Ann(i)e said...

you two are GORGEOUS!!!! and what an amazing pumpkin!!!!

lyzzydee said...

Those photos would have been so much better if you had both pulled faces!!!!
You'll get smacked, they are smacking MIDDLE AGED pouters at the moment!!

disa said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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