Sunday, November 11, 2007

One of those weekends....

..when we don't seem to have stopped!

Yesterday was the school Christmas craft fair where Em had to do a waitressing stint for half an hour, before that we had the food shopping to do too.After Em had finished we took a quick walk round the fair before going to my Mum's for lunch as it was her birthday.

Then today I have spent the day helping out at the Scrapping Angels Christmas workshop:) It was lovely to see Annie again who I haven't seen since the retreat in April as well as some new faces and familiar ones! I'd love to say I created several master pieces but today, my creations were in the form of tea & coffee! Louise though scrapped like a woman on a mission...I want to be her one day! Anyway, I had a fab day so a huge thank you to Anna for entrusting me with her shop and leaving me in charge of the food!

On Friday, Em had Evacuee day at school :) My Mum knitted her a cardigan, I covered her lunchbag in brown paper to resemble a case and made her her a gas mask box too.She also had to have a ration style packed lunch.Not sure how well we fared with that as I think she probably had the family's weekly ration of meat in her sandwich!


Ann(i)e said...

LOVELY (as always) to see you!!!!
I decided last night...we need to hold a scrappy weekend for US to working, organizing, teaching...just PLAY!! What do you say??

domestic goddess said...

i say YES!!!! if that includes me, lol
thanks hun for everything, couldnt have done it without you, xoxoxoxoo